Tips to Select a Surgeon for a Body Sculpting Procedure

Body contouring and body sculpting procedures are considered elective. This means that it is essential for a person to find a doctor who knows what they are doing and how to properly handle the selected procedure. Some tips to help make the decision of what surgeon to use a bit easier can be found here.

Check the Doctor’s Qualifications

From a legal standpoint, any doctor can offer liposculpture services; however, it is important for a patient to take the time to find a board-certified plastic surgeon who understands the procedure and who performs it on a regular basis. Remember, doctors who don’t have board certification in plastic surgery will not provide the same results as an actual, plastic surgeon.


Ask and Verify the Doctor’s Hospital Privileges

Most hospitals are only going to let quality doctors utilize their facilities. There are some other medical professionals, such as emergency physicians, dermatologists, OB/GYN doctors and general surgeons who try to avoid the “hospital privilege” requirement by offering surgery in their office or from an outpatient surgery center. Here the credentialing is much less rigorous and in some cases nonexistent. If a patient agrees to have surgery from one of these people, they may be putting themselves in danger of a botched procedure, or more serious consequences.

Ask for Before and After Photos

Ask the doctor being considered how many procedures they have done in the past and how frequently they do them. Also, ask them for before and after photos of past patients. Any quality plastic surgeon will have dozens of photos to show new or prospective patients. Also, be sure the photos are legitimate by seeing if there are different angles and distances from the camera. This will provide a good look at the results achieved.

When it comes to restoring a person’s body, or correcting a small issue, procedures such as liposuction can be necessary. Learning about what doctor to use and the liposuction cost can help a person choose the right doctor for the job. Take the time to find the right doctor, to ensure the results achieved will meet the expectations of the procedure.

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